Artist Bios 2016

Listen to all the artists here: weirdcanada

Kiran Bhumber + Norah Lorway
kiran headshot-2Kiran Bhumber is a musician, new media artist and educator based in Vancouver. Her work focuses on movement and interactions through exploring the undeniable physical nature of sound. These themes are manifested through creating interactive systems which track gesture to create reactive environments in musical performances and participatory installations. She is currently involved in a variety of musical projects and teaches music technology workshops at VIVO Media Arts. Kiran holds a Bachelors of Music (2014) degree majoring in music education and clarinet performance from the University of British Columbia and will be pursuing her Masters in Media Arts at the University of Michigan in the fall of 2016.

Norah Lorway is a live coder, software developer, composer and computer music researcher who performs at Algoraves and other such events. She holds PhD in Computer Music from University of Birmingham, where she worked on music and software in SuperCollider and performed on the BEAST multichannel system. She has had works performed throughout North America and Europe, at conferences and events such as NIME, ISEA, ICLC, EarZoom Festival and is involved with various new media collaborations in the UK and Canada. Recently, she worked on a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of British Columbia working at the intersection of live coding and gesture control, building new Digital Musical Instruments (DMI). Norah is a Lecturer in Creative Music Technology at Falmouth University, UK

Sara Gold + Emily Thacker
IMG_1631sara gold performs at small underground local events and large scale festivals with a focus on electronic instrument based live performance. With a recent move into recorded works and high concept music videos she explores techniques developed over a decade in various studio practices. Bringing her passion for the past and how it informs our future into her work, she currently focuses on creating experimental techno and scores for film with vintage analog electronic instruments.

Emily is interested in finding points of harmonic convergence and the interplay between disparate entities resulting in synesthesia. By incorporating hybrid process of analog electronics and software apps she creates audio visual melodies in celebration of end times.

_MG_1429Jouisseur is an interdisciplinary Translady artist who blurs the lines between the sensory, the political, the magical, and the inenarrable. Using found samples and synthesizers, Jouisseur’s work traverses apocalyptic landscapes of horror, catharsis, trauma, and pleasure. She longs to fuck and kill an immortal force that can not be touched.

Sasha Mannequinsasha mannequin photoSasha Mannequin is a DJ and producer who represents cybergirl culture to the fullest. Her solo productions are noisy but listenable songs that often either wryly explore aspects of trans women’s lives or revel in sci-fi tropes. A typical DJ set from her frantically crosses lines between industrial grime, RnB, ambient sounds and Pop, creating a high energy and dance-able, yet unique musical atmosphere. As well as her solo work, she’s a part of the noise duo Estrogenisis and the emo rave band Crazy Bitch Separatist.

Brady Marks
2015-05-16 14.13.00Brady Marks is a Digital Media Artist, host of the CFRO Soundscape Show and DJ FuriousGreenCloud. For tidal~signal she will perform queer music, combining classic analogue subtractive synthesis with generative computer based techniques. 

mási + marina
DSCF1698abAlanna Ho is a performance artist from Coquitlam, combining movement, memory research, sound and video. She founded the Rainbow Forecast Project, which collaborates with children and their stories, creating large art installations.
mási performs brine.  Activities involving water such as bathing or drinking activates a private space.  Liquid movements are explored in conjunction with collective storytelling of intimacy.

Along with being the Artistic Director of NOVO Ensemble (Vancouver), Portuguese cellist Marina Hasselberg is an active and passionate chamber musician specializing in new and baroque music. Marina’s love of all the arts, especially dance, film and theater, is leading to the creation of inter-disciplinary works that cross genre boundaries. For more info visit:

Mass Marriage
905545_599725201783_2730237526443525343_oMelissa Paget is a multi-disciplinary media artist whose abrasive sound and video works fall under the moniker Mass Marriage. Paget’s work envisions a manic character obsessed with female identity from high fashion to the female body in popular culture, to prostitution, all embroiled in a world of bizarre European genre cinema. These fixations are appropriated by Paget from various media sources and heavily processed into vivid, concentrated, abstract and abrasive sound and video, often accompanied by her live amplified vocals. Paget’s Mass Marriage directive is exercised via various forms, be it Mass Marriage performances and gallery video installation works for Vancouver’s OR Gallery, the publication of various related themed ‘zines, or playing various venues along the West Coast including Portland and Los Angeles.

Opponent Processes
tidalOpponent Processes is the alias under which Vancouver-based neuroscientist Meagan Auger DJ’s. She aims to fuse techno, industrial and bass music in new and surprising ways. Walls of noise and disjointed percussion are juxtaposed with bass and rhythm for sets that are challenging and aggressive, yet dancefloor ready. Meagan is also a member of Sacred Sound Club, a Vancouver artist collective and event-planning initiative focused on ambient, noise, techno and experimental music.

orcanaOrcana is a Vancouver ­based project by Zelda Yake and Kristen Rattray. Since 2011, they have been experimenting and improvising with vintage keyboards and synthesizers, bass feedback, and resonating instruments with evocative and otherworldly results. Their sound has been described as “quiet noise” and ranges from ambient to drone to wall of sound. Orcana has performed at Destroy Vancouver and Big Joy Festival, alongside multi­media artist Annie Briard’s “The Woods”, and opened for White Poppy and Ian William Craig.

prOphecy sun
Prophecy_Sun-Photo_Amanda Arcuri_2_flat_webprOphecy sun’s interdisciplinary performance practice threads together both conscious and unconscious choreographies, sound, and environment, to create exploratory works that invoke deep body memory and draw from an interior landscape of dreams. Over the last 9 years she has been self-releasing music using smartphone technology as a capturing tool. Current musical projects include: prOphecy sun, Spell and the Vancouver Electronic Ensemble. Past projects include: Tyranahorse, Her Jazz Noise Collective, Under the Sun, and The Adulthood. She is also a PhD student at the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University and the recipient of the Governor General’s Gold Award. She is based in Vancouver and is a founding member of Dance Troupe Practice (a movement based performance collective) and current resident at the Pandora Park Fieldhouse. Her experimental performances, sound compositions, installations, videos and collaborations have been exhibited in such events as inFlux at the Surrey Art Gallery, L’alternative: Festival de Cine Independiente de Barcelona, ISEA 2015, DIS 2014, FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver International Jazz Festival, International Experimental Cinema Explosion (USA), Your Kontinent Festival: Art in Containers (Richmond), Festival des Musiques Creation (QB), Live- Performance Art Bienalle, Soundasaurus Media Arts Festival (AB), Signal and Noise Media Festival, Exploding Cinema (UK), Square Waves Festival (UK), Dancing on the Edge Festival, Month of Performance Art (Berlin), 12 Min Max, and Low Lives 4 International Festival of Live Networked Performances.


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